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Residential Security Systems
Learn about the different types of home security systems.

Security systems are a hot product today because they have proven to be a very effective way to keep a criminal out of most homes. Residential security systems are being constantly updated so that families across the country can feel safer and more secure in their own homes.

A criminal wants to find a house that has the fastest way in and the fastest way out. If you are equipped with a system and one of your neighbors down the road is not, in most cases, he will choose the one without an alarm.

You can get set up with a monitoring system that protects your house 24 hours a day, whether you are home or not. The first thing the monitoring service will do is call your house if the alarm is activated. If you do not answer and let them know that everything is okay they will contact the police and have them sent. Depending on the closest officer to your home, they can be there in a matter of minutes.

Many services will give you free equipment if you sign up for the monitoring, but you have to stay with them until your contract is over. Usually the price for the monitoring is quite low and affordable.

Many of your possessions may be covered by insurance and may be replaced quite easily. Residential security systems are designed to not only protect these valuables, but also your irreplaceable items such as jewelry and fine art, and the hassle of having to file insurance papers and make the replacements.

Residential security systems hit a lot deeper than just helping you avert losing your special items. Anyone that has been robbed knows the feeling of violation that occurs with it. To see that somebody has come into your home and done this to your property is a personal violation that nobody should have to experience.

There are two different types of residential security systems you can use. One is monitored by a service, and one only offers local protection. This means that if somebody breaks into your home the sound will go off but nobody will be notified about a potential problem.

A residential security system that is monitored sends a signal to a station along your phone line if your alarm goes off. New technology allows this signal to be sent using a cellphone network or though an Internet connection for homeowners that do not use a regular phone line.

Many homeowner insurance companies offer special pricing for homes that are equipped with a residential home security system. The savings you get from low insurance rates can help offset any costs of a monthly monitoring charge, and you can feel more secure knowing that your house is protected.

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