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Do It Yourself Home Security System
Learn about DIY home alarm ideas.


The statistics are not good. On average there is a break-in every twenty seconds in America, and over the course of a year about one out of five homes will have been broken into. If you can’t afford a security system you will have to use your own do it yourself home security system.

These are not statistics you should be playing around with. It is vitally important to set up some kind of security system in your home, even if you cannot afford a costly one. There are some things you can set up to make an effective do it yourself home security system.

The first thing you need to do is purchase some alarm warning signs like the ones that come with the fancy alarm systems. You can order these online or get them at a security company. It doesn't matter if you have an alarm system or not. If you set these up on windows around your home as a deterrent, any thief will never know that you really don't have one.

A very simple thing that you can start immediately is to turn on some lights when you leave the house, and turn your radio on nice and loud. This will give the impression that someone is in the house and the criminal will move on. An empty home is his target; not a home that sounds like you have a party going on in there!

Putting up a "beware of dog" sign acts the same way. Get one that has a ferocious looking monster dog on it. Nobody will know whether you have a dog inside unless they have been casing the house, know you or live nearby, which is highly unlikely.

This brings up the point of actually getting a dog. If you have been thinking about getting one, they are one of the best security systems going. Almost any dog will bark if they hear an intruder, and that is often enough to scare a thief away. It doesn’t even have to be a big dog!

Small dogs do a great job by barking, and it can be tough to distinguish a small dog bark from a big dog bark behind a thick metal or wooden door. It will also wake you up if you are sleeping so that you can call the police. If you don't really want a dog, then don't get one only for security. They need love, and the dog signs will really help.

Do it yourself home security systems really just involve using your own resources to outsmart stupid burglars.

You can set up motion sensor lights at both the front and back of your house. They have helped stop many a break-in throughout the years. They are bright and sudden, and catch the suspect unaware. Just the suddenness of a bright light shining on the intruder can be enough to scare an intruder into the bushes.

Use these ideas for a do it yourself home security system and scare the burglars away before they enter your home.

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