Intercom Systems For Home
    Intercoms for security and convenience in homes

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Intercom Systems for Home
Great intercoms for houses and the different types.

There are two different types of intercom systems for home available on the market: wireless and wired. These days most people choose the wireless unless they have a home that already has the wiring set up, or get it done as the house is being built. It can cost quite a bit to get the wiring installation done.

There are some benefits to getting a wired system that you can't get with a wireless. Some wireless systems can have an interference problem if you have neighbors that are also using an intercom system. There are also black spots that can appear in different rooms when you are using wireless.

Wireless intercom systems for homes are generally considered more reliable, and if you are putting them around your home as a child-monitoring device, you will want to know that it is secure and that your child can always be heard.

Intercom systems for home are great for home security. You can get the person to let you know who they are before opening the door. How many horror stories have come about from someone opening the door in innocence and having someone there that shouldn't be? You can also add a video camera to the system if you want to see who is out there.

You can add an automatic gate entry function to your intercom system if you want. They will operate on many different types of gates such as: sliding gates, swing, single or double gates. You can open your gate with a single button, and know that it will self lock on its own.

Besides the level of security provided by intercom systems for home, they are also great for listening to what is going on inside the house as well. You can get room stations set in place and operated from a central station. If you have a baby you will be able to hear them as soon as they wake up, and you can check on younger children as well. If you need to call them for dinner, you won't have to shout if they are on another floor, you can simply call them on the intercom.

You can also have music piped through the system. Some units offer a radio or cd feature that allows music to reach any room, even outside if you set one up near your patio.

The price for intercom systems for home is quite variable, but a basic system will cost about $1200 for an average four or five bedroom home while a system that distributes music will run anywhere in the range of $2500 to $5000 and up, depending on the features you want. A good sound system will need good speakers and there are many different brands to choose from, at various prices.

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